Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial


My zombie look for this year! enjoy!

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Products Used:
Maybelline Fit-Me foundation in 110
Cover-girl and Olay concealer in light
Makeup Forever Flash Palette
Coastal Scents 88 prism and 88 original palette
Liquid Latex
Fake blood
Blood scab (coagulated blood gel)
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  1. Marissa Alexis Gwizdala

    This is a really good zombie makeup tutorial JessFACE90 im going to do this tonight for my zombie halloween costume

  2. Themmylife

    This tutorial was amazing- tell your husband i love the song and put it on youtube because i wanna listen to it ๐Ÿ™‚ does he make music for a living?

  3. walkergreene

    I have the same fake blood as you and when I do zombie makeup I wear nice clothes and bloody them up and the blood always comes out

  4. Kirsty Bain

    great tutorial but you voice was to quiet and the music was to loud, had to keep adjusting the volume. Looked great though

  5. jkjkjkFOBlol

    OMG! Thank you sooooo much for this tutorial!!!! I showed up to school as a zombie & followed ur tutorial. The makeup came out awesome!!! I ripped my shirt to even make it look like someone took a big bite out of my collarbone

  6. Sara Elias

    Hey, this was pretty great! I want to know what makeup to use, could you type that out here for me? So that I have a list to use at ulta!

  7. Bianca Rusanescu

    would it be lame if i was something scary like a zombie for halloween instead of a slutty cop or something?๐Ÿ˜‚

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