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  1. Iqmal Minaj

    i love the black girl with beanie she’s like the best MUA ever and like her video where he said something about the society and stuff is the best like i recommend you guys go to her instagram so much lmao ♥️♥️

  2. Millie12333 AJ

    I don’t care about make up all I care about is having that very straight hair that they seem to be having in most of the videos

  3. Mandygears

    if you have ‘trust issues’ and you really think a girl with a face of makeup is gonna look like that when she takes it off, then obviously you’re an idiot.

  4. Elle p

    That girl at 2:20 I WISH THERE WERE ENTIRE ACCOUNTS DEDICATED TO GIRLS TAKING OFF THEIR MAKEUP AND PAMPERING THEIR SKIN!! it’s so satisfying!! i love it, those 8 layers of sh** just right off <3 <3 <3

  5. Beautifulmermaid

    Whether your a person that likes to wear lots of makeup or one that likes to wear none we are all beautiful in different ways. makeup is an artistic expression that makes someone feel beautiful

  6. ItsAlyssa

    I feel like they all look so much better with pit makeup. Their makeup was gorgeous and they looked great with it on but they look 10x better without makeup

  7. Neelakshi

    1:41 what is that golden powder she is using under her eyes- lots of them seem to be doing contouring, not blending it out, then foundation, then that golden powder. Anyone know the name of this- thanks

  8. Jackie Guthrie

    why is it that all of these women already have beautiful skin and features? I wanting see someone just dirt ugly transformation. that’s what I want to see!!!

  9. Mia Rodriguez

    Message to all people who say we don’t need makeup to attract boys/girls: I wear makeup because it makes me feel good about myself and I want to be a cosmetologist in the future! Not because a dude that looks like fucking Perry the platypus thinks I like him 💀💀

  10. Sofía Prior

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