Vintage Makeup Tutorial – Classic 1930’s Look – Part1

In this vintage makeup tutorial, Reiva Cruze teaches you how to create a glamorous look from the 1930s.

Begin by priming the face. Then block out the eyebrows completely (you will draw then back in later) using colors from MUD’s Color Corrector palette. Reiva uses red and blue correctors in combination with the #330 brush on her model’s brows. Try to blend around the edges with the same brush, then set the makeup with Loose Powder and an #800 brush.

To achieve that vintage 1930s look, Reiva selects and mixes foundation colors which are a few shades lighter than what you would normally use to base match the model’s skin tone. Then Reiva set’s the foundation around the eyes, using again the #800 brush, and the rest of the face with the #510 fan brush.

The create the elongated brow typical of the 30s, use MUD’s #210 Angle Brush and a combination of Esspresso and Onyx Eye Color. Carefully redraw the brow, overextending a little into the temple area.

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out part 2!



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