The Easiest Way to Contour with the Sephora Collection Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo

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This creamy contour duo lets you easily create a sculpted look with the prefect shade combination. Modern matte highlighter attracts light and brightens your best features, while the buildable contour shade slims, sculpts, and defines your face in a natural way. The packaging includes easy instructions for creating a contoured or highlighted look.



  1. ειρηνη Τζοβι

    i dont like this i do better than this! i have the lightest shade but i feel like is very orange and doesnt have a greyish tone as it should be what is your opinion?

  2. surfgirl61905

    ugh the contour looks horribleeeeee the line she made was way too long and it wasn’t blended well at all  . . . looks so unnatural :/

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