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NYX Total Control Drop foundation
(Pale, Alabaster)
US Link http://bit.ly/2qNizsz
UK Link http://bit.ly/2sl0Bjn

NYX Foundation sponge http://bit.ly/2qNoHku

On my face today:
Collection lasting perfection concealer http://bit.ly/2bq4WIm
Rimmel Match Perfection Powder http://bit.ly/2ofEozC
Freedom Pro Strobe Powder Contour kit http://bit.ly/2l8siv3
Milani Strobelight highlighter in Afterglow http://bit.ly/2nFeXMP
Freedom Duo Brow powder in Ash Brown http://bit.ly/2oxbArm
NYX Epic Ink Eyeliner http://bit.ly/2rxGznE
Loreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara http://bit.ly/2rLTuiu

-The lipstick I am wearing today: Body Shop liquid lipstick in Cali Gerbera http://bit.ly/2qHvcGA

I am sometimes lucky enough to be sent items by companies for review, but my opinions will always be honest and my own! Some links are also affiliate links, which means I get a small commission when people buy through my link.


Eyeshadow brushes:

Spectrum brow brush http://bit.ly/2fJGW8x
Spectrum Flat Eyeshadow brush http://bit.ly/2fQkWoX
Spectrum Blending eyeshadow brush http://bit.ly/2fWPLvs

Real techniques Starter set for eyes http://bit.ly/2caIs2c (I have 2 of this set as I love it so much!)
Sigma E36 Blending brush (great for small/hooded eyes/cut crease) http://bit.ly/2bYQMi9
Sigma E11 Eyeliner brush – THE best for gel liner. http://bit.ly/2bYQA2M

Face brushes:

Morphe Buffer brush http://bit.ly/2qEI8wP
I use a cheap £5 ebay set like this one! http://bit.ly/2bUnhiP
Real techniques Core collection (I often use the buffing brush and contour brush in my videos) http://bit.ly/2bKJY7d

Highlight brushes:

Zoeva Luxe Powder fusion brush http://bit.ly/2gkNTwR
Morphe M501 http://bit.ly/2caMqI4
Real techniques Setting brush http://bit.ly/2caKzDv

Contour brushes:

The contour brush from the Real techniques core collection http://bit.ly/2bKJY7d
Morphe m557 http://bit.ly/2rY5xx1
Morphe m529 http://bit.ly/2qEUc0W
Morphe m438 http://bit.ly/2qEV6L0
Ebay contour/highlight brush http://bit.ly/2cdOttB

♡MUSIC: My music is either from Nicolai Heidlas here on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/Vercittyfilms or Youtube audio library *I do not own this music*


-What do you film with? Canon 750d http://bit.ly/2fWUQ7f
Sigma 30mm Lens http://bit.ly/2hj8GBI
-Why is your channel called sophdoesnails? I started my Instagram account a couple years before Youtube, and that is sophdoesnails, where I do loads of nail art. When I started youtube I wanted to keep the same name so I was easier to find! I do the occasional nail video on here but they are difficult to film.
-What’s wrong with your fingers? I have dermatophagia
-How old are you? I am 20
-What is your hair colour? I get my roots bleached with olaplex at the hair dressers, then:
Lilac: Tiny amount of directions Violet with loads of conditioner
Silver: from the faded lilac + Bleach london silver shampoo!
Grey: Makki Hair colouring mask in Grey with loads of conditioner.

Thank you guys for all your amazing support! xxx



  1. Katie cutts

    If you didn’t wear that much makeup your acne wouldn’t be as bad, honesty girls these days need to let their skin breathe.

  2. Savannah Sparkles

    These look amazing!! I’m so glad they have so many pale shade options.. I always end up looking orange even in the palest shade of most foundations 😭😭

  3. Kirsty Absurd

    Everyone I’ve seen review these have been like "full coverage – 4 drops…for one cheek, right?"
    I love NYX but these are SO expensive for how much you have to use each time. There are so many drugstore foundations that actually work and you hardly use any product with those, far more worth £14 for something like revlon or rimmel. Complete fail on this from NYX!

  4. Morgan Peeples

    I don’t know it it would make a difference but the brush has a little pit in the bristles (I don’t think I’m explaining well) but I think you drop the foundation into this little hole and then apply it to your face. Not sure if it would make a difference on your opinion of the brush, just thought I would try to help😊 btw I love your videos, glad I discovered your channel!!

  5. rosieflakes

    I have this foundation, and I use the same colour. The colour matches perfectly and I haven’t found a foundation in my colour before so that’s a plus. It’s really buildable indeed, but it really picks up on dry patches and that makes me hate the foundation a bit.. But overall I think it’s a good foundation.

  6. Ali Murphy

    Hey Soph X Would u ever try wearing fake tan if you would like to try it these fake tans are really good -Sally Hansen -coco brown

  7. Kathy

    put eye shadow primer on your smile lines.. it had helped me a lot since it had happened to me all the time.. hope it will help you too..

  8. emiexx

    I love you Soph but 99% of your videos you mention about you being pale.. gets annoying after a bit I just needed to put it out their

  9. Maf Schu

    It is so nice that they have so many shades. I’m ALWAYS shade 1 in any other foundation, so being shade 5 with the right undertone with this foundation, I was won over. I had to buy it. I can see where people with dry skin wouldn’t like it, but it works super well with my normal-oily skin!

  10. MissBeautyEmily

    Ooh this foundation looks lovely on you! I think for the price, there are better foundations out there that are cheaper but I love how it’s super buildable! ❤️

  11. Trac Y

    Thank you for only changing the foundation.
    People do comparison tests and they use different primers on each half of their face making their review not so reliable. It’s important to keep all other factors the same in order to truly test something.

  12. lorna phelan

    You look amazing in the last photo….but call me ‘old fashioned’…. just invest in getting your skin spot and blemish free first, rather than slather a ton on make up on top??..

    you are a beautiful girl but I am a believer in ‘first principles’ and I would invest in that…..

  13. sophdoesnails

    Make sure you are following me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook as I will be doing some giveaways soon! They are all just sophdoesnails, same spelling as my channel 😊💕

  14. Chloe Breen

    It’s amazing having someone with skin as pale as me🙌🏼 what will you be doing with the rest of the samples? I’d be happy to buy the lighter shades, so rubbish that not a lot of drugstore foundations are light enough😩
    No7 and Revlon lightest foundations were still too dark for me😭

  15. Bexy X

    To make it easier when applying and to stop it from dripping, drip it straight onto the brush or sponge instead of your face or back of hand

  16. Roksana Lenehan

    Could you test bourjois healthy mix serum foundation?? I’ve recently started using it and I would love to see your thoughts on it!!❤

  17. Rachel.woodxx

    OMG Sophie, you should so try out the no.7 brow pencil in the colour grey – would be really cool toned which you always say you like xx

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