Foundation: MAC Match masters – 8.5
Concealer: MAC studio fix- NC45
Highlighter: NARS- Orgasmic
Contour: Sleek – Dark it
Blush: Sleek – Sahara
Powder: MAC – NW45

My Everyday Makeup Routine
The one you’ve all been waiting for
Thumbs up for more in the future

Brushes: Sigma:


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  1. WolfteamxDPride

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  2. Val XyanZ

    Love it. You are beautiful. Can you tell me the lip balm for craked lips? you mentioned in another video but I can’t find it. Also, I would like to see the rest of this make (your eyebrow and eye shadow used).

  3. xoedmyx3

    Bless you! I really needed a video just on the basics cause i really need help on foundation and stuff i recently just started using them believe it or not. I usually just used to wear powder but really focused on eye makeup

  4. ninamtl

    hey patty 🙂 i was wondering if you could just use the mac studio fix powder to set the highlight or if you recommend using both the studio fix powder and the mac mineral skin finish?

  5. ruthie617

    then use just one foundation. noone is forcing you to use more than one. someone could easily say wearing mascara and lipstick is to much. it’s HER routine not yours

  6. Beth K.A

    Heyy Patricia. Please could you do a slower version of your make up at the end, as in with your eye shadow application and eyebrows. Thanks. This helped a lot 🙂

  7. douluvutube2

    Do you know of a routine regimen or a certain product one could use to get a decent look without applying so many steps….

  8. mauryazz

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  9. ruthie617

    the only person not calm is you sweetie. there was no negativity in my post. it’s an open forum. i can respond as i please 🙂

  10. ItsBarbieBtchxoxo

    Duo fiber brushes give the heaviest coverage lol
    you were using it wrong
    your suppose to get some foundation on the brush stipple it on your face and lightly blend away

  11. Inmarie Mellani Ngo

    before you blended the foundation, it looked like orange face paint.. :/ but once you blended it it looked fine. (:

  12. BrittyW

    "I don’t control the SUN." That comment had me dying. You are too funny! The tutorials are great of course, but your personality keeps me coming back to your channel 🙂

  13. douluvutube2

    There was no need for you to respond to my post…I am not some troller posting negative comments on her channel…I simply stated that I was too LAZY to do all those steps to get one desired look…I never insinuated she or anyone else was forcing me to use her foundation routine…Nor was I trying to discourage any of her subscribers from using her routine… I am a very big fan of Patricia’s and I was simply stating MY OPINION; just mine…So calm down…

  14. itsjustfatimah

    You should use mac’s mineral skin finish so your highlight and your foundation can blend naturally together 🙂

  15. Albafromgp

    Hi! Thanks you for all videos. I’m french from Paris and I like your way to speak. I understand almost everything! Can’t wait your next video!. Merci!

  16. douluvutube2

    This is still a whole a lot of steps just to make up ones face. Whatever happened to using one foundation whether it’s the powder or the liquid? I don’t usually wear alot of make up. I usally will just wear eyeliner,mascara, lipstick, and fix up my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. On very rare occassions I might apply foundation. Nowadays everyone is using 50 million different products to get that desired look. I am just too lazy to go through all of those steps. I want to use just 1 foundation

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