Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation Review & Demo | 091 Light Ivory Pale skin foundation

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Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation 091 Light Ivory
ULTA $6.99 http://a.chipp.us/r/thataylaa/6860/
Amazon $11-14 http://amzn.to/1xqFase

Diorskin Star Foundation review http://bit.ly/1AtrHAZ

** Sorry about the lighting/sound issues. I’m aware I look purple, white balance was off. All of this will be sorted out asap 🙂

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  1. Ashley Nicole

    This is such an old video, but I just bought this yesterday and had to check out your review. I am amazed at the coverage you got! I could still see my scarring through the foundation, but it actually held up well! Also, I have to share that your auto-focus sounds like squirrel chatter 😆😆😆

  2. Sadie Andersen

    i HATED this foundation! ugh, i thought it was absolutely awful! it created this weird look on my skin after about an hour. I set it with the revlon nearly naked powder, at work, i could feel it there, and i could literally feel it move on my face if i touched it. i havent dared reuse it.

  3. Paris

    Does anyone else with the ivory one put it on then when it sets it turns bright orange, even though its the ivory one like tf?

  4. bec pigrsam

    Lol I just watched zoellas march 2017 favourites and this foundation was in there so I searched you’re review straight away because you’re the only reviewer I trust!

  5. MissWitch2310

    I got this today and I love it already! I am at working tomorrow, which is hot as its a nursing home. Lets see how it lasts!

  6. Fern Pila

    wondering if you have freckles and are more classic ivory should you go darker for foundation if your freckles are darker

  7. georgiehembury

    Is True Ivory pink undertones? Because I need yellow but I’m so fair. No foundation at the drugstore in my country matches me.

  8. Dee Aye

    I love this foundation so much. Rimmel’s got so many products that just work for me. I hope you’ll consider reviewing the Rimmel Match Perfection with the blue cap. I value your opinion.

  9. Ellie-Mae xx

    Does anyone have any tips to stop foundation from melting off of my nose? It literally melts straight off and if I touch my face my foundation transfers 🙁 im from the uk so any help with foundations/powder for cystic acne that doesn’t do these things would be great 🙂 thank you <3

  10. Emily Pringle

    Thank you so much for bringing this foundation into my life! i love it so much it doesn’t turn my skin orange and I’ve tried to use the manic panic white foundation and sometimes it still turns me orange. I wear the 010 light porcelain and i love it so much! you give me so much life I’m so glad i found your videos!

  11. Katie Stall

    I recently picked this up after seeing this video and reading other reviews but I had issues it felt like it set fast on my skin after using a primer was hard to blend and then when I put my eye liner on my hand hit my upper cheek and the foundation was completely gone where my hand touched 😩 anyone else had this issue? I will try it again maybe without a primer this time that all happened the second time I used it the first time it was nice maybe user error I donno

  12. laurababyseal kuutti

    I love the fact that it covers amazingly with one coat (I often need 3 with some foundations),.the only problem was the shade that sometimes changed on my face. I have tried propably a hundred foundations in the last 5 years, from Double wear light and others like it to cheaper brands, and I really loved the L’oreal infallible pro matte foundation☺

  13. Emily Eileen

    love love love your channel. I bought this foundation because of this video. I find that I can usually get the same shade that matches you and its great. this time it was a bit dark. I don’t know though. I’m tryna find a foundation mixer for it.

  14. honors84

    I really want to try this foundation based on it being on your favorites from 2015. I am pretty sensitive to scents (I get gnarly headaches). What do you find it smells like?

  15. Incredible Shrinking Sabrina

    A little late on the Rimmel bandwagon lol but Im trying this today for the first time so Im checking my fave youtubers for reviews. Hope I like it because its very affordable.

  16. xAL3X

    So as someone who has just started wearing makeup this year, im really fair skinned with a yellowish undertone so i picked up the 100 ivory and i have the same skin type as you essentially (the combination skin, cystic acne, etc.) and it does an amazing job god damn. and i also get super oily in the day so i combo it with the Stay Matte pressed powder in Transparent. it works great to be honest. doesnt transfer unless it get super hot out here and sometimes i even forget its on my skin and fall asleep with it on (oops) but so far when that happens my skin doesnt break out. maybe a tiny white head on my chin or near my nose but thats it.

  17. Ana Calderón

    Hi I just subscribed to your channel thanks for the honest review. I love the eye make up look do you have a tutorial for that?? Thanks

  18. Becki kitsune

    In the uk once you open a cosmetic product you can’t return it. which sucks when you buy expensive products then they are rubbish and you saved 3 months for the stuff.

  19. Jessica Angela

    I swatched this foundation on my wrist the other day just to see the consistency and opacity and with this video, I am in love with how it looks but I am worried about how it will set. I have dry skin so I don’t want it to cling to any patches or after it sets have it look cakey or powdery.

  20. mermaid

    This foundation doesn’t work for me at all. It fades after a couple of hours of just laying around the house. AND it makes me pores SUPER noticeable. I was really looking forward to this product. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or know how to fix it? The shade I got matches me perfectly. And I love the way it feels…

  21. Jennifer Harrison

    i wear light porcelain. i luv it. but u gotta prime n set it w powder. i put it on w my mac oval tooth brush brush then i use a damp bueauty blender then set it and its awesome and setting also w spray. i have worn it in the pool and running around and ive fallen asleep w it on and i looked in the mornjng exactly the way i did the day before its great!

  22. Olivia Miller-Davis

    That’s weird.. I have less acne than you but I didn’t find this was full coverage.. and I found the lightest shade too dark and I’m about as pale as you

  23. Lexy Erickson

    im so going to try this. i have my wedding coming up but since im going to spend alot on the wedding i need to cheap else wear. so thanks for the review

  24. katy hofmann

    this is my favorite DS foundation! so glad you did a video on it! unfortunately for most of the year i have to mix it due to the color range but ive mixed with loreal true match, urban decay all nighter, wet and wild photo finish, all worked super well. def does not get the credit it deserves! ❤

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