Classic Parisian makeup by Lisa Eldridge with Lancôme

Just how do the Parisians manage to upgrade their beauty looks with a quick slick of red? Lisa Eldridge shows us how in her Classic Parisian Makeup tutorial. Start with a fresh, natural base using Teint Miracle and Belle de Teint, to create a blank canvas for a graphic sweep of bright red lip color.

Product list

Advanced Généfique
Teint Miracle – Shade Lisa is wearing: N°02 – Lys Rosé
Belle de Teint – Shade Lisa is wearing: N°02 – Belle d’Abricot
Teint Miracle Stylo Sublimateur – Shade Lisa is wearing: N°01 – Rose Lumière
Rouge in Love – Shade Lisa is wearing: N°181N – Rouge Saint-Honoré



  1. Steve ldnuk

    your out fit is lovely on you, it really suites you. The cut and fall of the shoulders and sleeves. Yummy. That foundation is fantasticly natural and fits your skin tone beautifuly

  2. csenuber

    Nice, but a line from an eye concealer stands out and lipstick is too thick to apply it on the face without a lip brush. It looks uneven and terrible after finger smudging

  3. La Duderina

    Has lancome bought the rights for your videos? Its annoying to find your videos just by accident on channels with nearly no followers…

  4. forshipsandgiggles

    OMG your dress is gorgeous, Lisa! So glad you’re the creative director for Lancome, they definitely made the right choice! <3

  5. JC Jacobs

    I love this look simple yet very classic and it never gets old. Love the Lancôme especially the Advance Genifique and their eye cream I just don’t have luck on their foundation, I was at Saks and a Sales Rep from Lancôme came and help me but she kept on insisting on the foundation that has warm undertones even though I told her I’m a cool tone. But I didn’t want to be rude since I already bought foundation from a different brand which match me perfectly and I ended up giving it away because it was too dark and ashy on my skin. I hope soon I’ll find the right match of foundation.

  6. batuffolinabianca

    Lisa’s makeup looks are all very classy, elegant, they make you look put together without looking like a drag queen, and God knows how many drag queen looks we see now on YT and IG

  7. Connie Marie

    I m really liking Belle d’ Abricot! I applied just a bit on lid and took it slightly above socket, it just gives a healthy, refreshed glow. This look is so polished and quick for work. Thanks for updating my " quick" go to look! Im doing a young grad. next month, cant decide on using that or CT, FilmStar? I dont care for HD products

  8. Tasena Renner

    Lisa, do you think everyone can wear a red lip? I don’t have full lips when not smiling. They look nice when I smile and more full, but I can’t go around smiling constantly! I have white skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. I am also approaching 45. Please help:)

  9. Tina Ganguly

    Dear Lisa may I ask you a question (sorry nothing to do with this video) My favourite Rouge Mythique 151 has been discontinued, Is there a new dupe for it with Lancome ? THe Hong Kong MUA cant help. Also my FAV black eyeshadow(cake) is the Black Hypnose powder/cake that I also have.

  10. Vanessa Oliveira

    +Lisa Eldridge Hi Lisa! I have been following your videos for quite a few years. I was wondering why you never apply foundation on your eyelids. Thanks!

  11. Lydia Dugan

    THE best mascara from Lancome is Hypnose Drama. I have yet to find anything superior. I would like to have seen this particular mascara used the video.

  12. Grace Lauren

    i am so in love with this! you are stunning & the greens & golds in your outfit compliment the red excellently!

  13. Arabelle L.

    My make up look depends on the brush set that I used, glad that I located a great brush-set below
    I have to add on make up everyday because of my job. Thats why I need better brush-set for my needs. This shop really have a good variation of brushes and I have bought several of my brush set from here

  14. MsEliza dashwood

    would that red be on the blue end of the spectrum? I’ve pink undertones and want to know if it’d suit me

  15. Julz Alta

    I’m a parisian girl and I didn’t know we had a classic makeup like this one… I love Lisa Eldridge but I’m tired of the commercial use of Paris that cosmestic brands do. In Paris, like in every big cities, there is a lot of diversity (of styles, classes, origines, colours). It’s a real city, not a romantic luxurious trendy cosmetical disney land for tourists.

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